An organization’s most valuable assets are its employees and their collective knowledge. Your company benefits when you invest in people by developing top quality learning and professional development opportunities.

Momentum Training Services offers the following services to meet your training and facilitation needs:

  • Instructional Design
  • Training Delivery
  • Facilitation


Instructional Design

trainingEffective instruction is not only an investment in your people, it is a time and money saver that will add to the productivity of your organization.  Our instructional designers are qualified educators that specialize in adult learning and course design.

Momentum’s content development consultants will work with your subject matter experts to produce effective course content that matches your training time frame, delivery method, tools available and of course, your audience.

 Recent projects

Diavik Diamond Mine – Train the Trainer

MTS designed and delivered a Train the Trainer program to build in-house training capacity for equipment operator training.

Northern Leadership Development Program: Aurora College

MTS created a module in the Leadership Development Program, designed for front line workers within the Trades program.  MTS worked closely with other instructors in the program to ensure cohesive and streamlined content delivery, and to adjust instruction based on participant feedback.

Training Delivery

safetyWhether you need a dynamic trainer to facilitate courses developed in-house or acquired through an outside provider, Momentum’s consultants can help your employees learn the skills and procedures they need to succeed in the workplace. Our training and facilitation consultants are skilled at adapting their presentation based on the audience and the nature of the training.

Momentum’s training and facilitation consultants are experts in adult learning theories and have experience in many subjects, including those related to your training needs. They are professionals in management and leadership training, safety training, and specific skill development training. Many have held positions at globally established corporations, trades industries, government offices and not for profit corporations.

Recent Projects

GNWT Department of Human Resources – Supervisor Safety Training

Momentum Training Services has built and delivered a series of Supervisor Safety Training courses.  MTS works with the client to customize the instruction, test it in pilot projects and deliver the training throughout the GNWT.

GNWT Centre for Informatics – Team Building Workshop

Momentum Training Services prepared for and facilitated a half-day team building workshop for a new team of GNWT employees adjusting to restructuring due to Devolution.  Following the session, a final report captured the key items and documented the next steps.


Momentum facilitation2Training Services offers experienced and knowledgeable facilitation services to ensure that your meeting or event meets its goals. Common facilitation topics include issue resolution, problem solving, process improvement, strategic and action planning and project implementation.

Our facilitators understand the challenges of working across diverse abilities and interests, and know how to design interactive and democratic processes to engage participants.

Contact us to facilitate the following events:

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Team or departmental planning meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Traditional Knowledge workshops
  • Organizational restructures
  • Issue management programs
  • Focus groups
  • Retreats
  • Conferences
  • Goal-setting meetings
  • Team-building events
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator delivery and debrief
  • Project debriefs
  • Quarterly or Annual reviews of service, performance, etc.
  • Leadership and management development programs or retreats
  • Train the Trainer Programs
  • Employee/Supervisor Safety Awareness Training

Recent Projects

Rio Tinto – Diavik Diamond Mine Strategic Planning Session

Momentum Training Services facilitated Diavik’s senior management strategic planning session, the key goal being to determine the budget spending and overall mine priorities for the upcoming fiscal year to 2017.  Once the session was complete, MTS provided a detailed report including any applicable action items to be carried forward

De Beers Canada

MTS facilitated traditional knowledge sessions which contributed indigenous expertise to the  Wildlife Monitoring Plan for the Gahcho Kué Project

GNWT – Health and Social Services

Momentum Training Services coordinated the 2014 Canada Northwest Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Partnership Symposium, consisting of over 200 hundred delegates from across Canada.  This symposium increased knowledge about FASD as a brain based disability, dispelled misconceptions and showcased promising practices uniquely suited to northern communities.

Note Taking/Report Writing

Momentum Training Services recognizes the importance of capturing the work that occurs before, during and after a facilitated event. MTS can provide note-taking support during an event as well as report documentation such as summary and strategic reports following an event.