Momentum Training Services is located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada and is registered with the Northwest Territories’ Business Incentive Policy (BIP).

Momentum Training Services was founded by Maureen Van Overliw, in 2012. Maureen began her career as a qualified elementary and high-school teacher teaching children, designing curriculum and training teachers in various settings including New Zealand, India and Canada. Upon Maureen’s arrival to Yellowknife in 2008, she attended Aurora College’s Certificate for Adult Education program and began working with adults within an educational setting.

Maureen’s Northern experience ranges from working as an instructor for a not-for-profit group in Yellowknife, coordinating adult education at Aurora College through the Literacy Outreach Program, designing and facilitating training at the EKATI Diamond Mine and working with Genesis Group in Yellowknife as the Manager of Training and Facilitation.

In 2012, Maureen saw an opportunity to offer a variety of training and facilitation services to Northern Canada. Maureen has partnered with a number of training and educational organizations to offer diverse and specialized training and facilitation support.

Momentum Training Services prides itself on being a small business with a large network of subject matter experts, instructors and facilitators. Contact us today to see how we can best support your training and facilitation needs.