The “What If…” Actualized


Time to reflect and think – what are the possibilities if I allowed myself to grow?

Since 2012, Momentum Training Services has continued to grow in the number of clients we serve and the support we provide for learning and professional development in the North.

In the spirit of continual strategic growth and development, we are so very excited to announce that Momentum Training Services is working with Kellett Communications to up our game.  Not only will Momentum continue to offer top-notch training and facilitation services, but we will be increasing our capacity in exciting ways to help to bring us closer towards cutting-edge online education and learning with in-house expertise from project start to finish.

To learn more, check out our formal announcement HERE.

As always, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions by emailing us HERE.

We look forward to continuing to support you in your developmental growth!

Emotional Intelligence Blog Series Part 2: Anger

When was the last time you felt angry?

Anger is a primal, natural response to various environmental triggers and can vary in intensity from vague annoyance to intense rage.  Anger itself is neither good nor bad, it just is. It’s how you express and manage your anger that can influence your ability to maintain healthy relationships – not to mention your own personal health and well-being.

If you’re curious about the physiological response that anger triggers in your body, check out this short explainer video to learn more about anger and to learn how to manage it with more success as studies show that the more we understand how our brain and body work, the easier it becomes to intervene and manage those responses. 

Emotional Intelligence Blog Series Part 1: Emotions

How are you?

If you answered, “fine”, then you are amongst a vast majority of the population that have constructed a socially acceptable response to a polite social nuance or greeting.

But let’s go deeper. How ARE you feeling right now? Can you find a word to describe the emotion that you are experiencing? Are you content? Are you frustrated? Are you anxious? Are you excited?

Maybe you are tempted to ignore how you’re feeling so that you can get on with other parts of your day. But the new science on what emotions are – and what they do for you – reveals that they are vastly underappreciated and undervalued.

Emotions, or instinctual states of feeling that stem from our surroundings or our mood has long evaded our understanding. Most experts believe that humans have six basic emotions: happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust.

For the enormous impact they make, emotions are fleeting. Emotions – so named from the Latin word for “to move” – quite literally set off your thoughts and actions. Our emotions direct us towards or away from people and decisions – which most certainly creep into every part of your life – whether you are aware of them or not. And the science tells us now that the more aware you are of your emotions – the greater the opportunity to intervene with your subconscious and to realign your behaviour in more positive and constructive ways.


So please stay tuned for our next few weekly posts that will guide you through the maze that are our emotions so that you may enhance your ability to understand and better manage yourself and your relationships with others.

Appreciating Your Team with a New Lens

Do you know your Myers Briggs personality type?

If your answer is yes, then you can appreciate how our differences can create amazing, dynamic and fulfilling relationships both at work and at home. You likely also understand how to bend and flex your personality type and style to work more effectively with others.

The Myers-Briggs assessment is certified with the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) as a valid and reliable tool – but only if you have taken the legitimate tool facilitated by an accredited provider.  Be wary of knock-off assessments that are not certified and therefore, not valid or reliable.

We use MBTI with one-on-one coaching, as well as to develop teams, communication and manage conflict, just to list a few application opportunities but it can be applied in limitless ways!

Watch this video to learn a bit more 


Announcing our Emotional Intelligence Course Series

6302271-3742x56121-1024x682You asked for it and we listened!

Momentum Training Services is excited to release our next level of Emotional Intelligence training.

If you realize the importance of internal relationships, and you know how much our emotional intelligence helps to put people at ease, create trust and respect, align people and further a can-do attitude, then this course series is for you.

This course series is designed to focus on each of the 5 main areas of emotional intelligence, in accordance with the EQ-I 2.0 tool.  Please join our EQ-certified instructor, Maureen Van Overliw (Founder of Momentum Training Services), as she guides you to deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationship to others both personally and professionally. 

Here are the five courses in the series:

  • Self-perception
  • Self-expression
  • Interpersonal
  • Decision Making
  • Stress Management


Please note that there is no pre-requisite for these courses and that they can be taken separately. It is strongly recommended to have completed the EQ-I 2.0 assessment prior to taking these courses, which is available upon request as an additional option.

Contact us to learn more or go to our course calendar to see the course date offerings.


SOLD OUT – Supervisor Safety Training May 16 & 17

Our May Supervisor Safety training in Yellowknife for May is sold out.

If you’re interested in adding your name to the waitlist – CLICK HERE

Our next session is in Yellowknife on September 20 & 21. Seats are already beginning to fill up. If you would like to register for that session, please CLICK HERE

“…for leadership positions, emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence” – John Mackey, CEO – Whole Foods – Inc Magazine – July 2009

Momentum strongly believes that development in a person’s emotional intelligence has very strong returns in many capacities.  

Here’s an excerpt of what the CEO of Whole Foods had to say about it…

Q: What traits should I look for when hiring for a leadership position?

A: My philosophy about this has definitely evolved over the years. I understand people a lot better today than I did 30 years ago. Back then, I was more impressed with people who were very articulate. In many companies, the person who talks the best usually gets the job. I got snowed by a few of those people over the years. I still think communication is important, but I don’t think there’s always a correlation between being a great communicator and other virtues that make for a great leader.

That’s why the first thing you should look at is character. I look for somebody who has classic virtues such as integrity, honesty, courage, love, and wisdom. Someone who is hard-working, candid, and ambitious, while still showing humility. I also look for people who have a high degree of emotional intelligence — a high capacity for caring. I think for leadership positions, emotional intelligence is more important than cognitive intelligence. People with emotional intelligence usually have a lot of cognitive intelligence, but that’s not always true the other way around.

To watch the clip, click here:


Supervisor Safety Awareness Training

In addition to training upon request, Momentum offers open enrollment for the WSCC-approved Supervisor Safety Awareness training that is mandated training for all supervisors in the NWT.

Our course is 2-days and prides itself on being discussion and participation-based that does not include any tests or exams. Our goal is to train people in an engaging and relevant manner so that training is retained and accessed in the workplace – ensuring a safer work environment and creating a shift towards a positive safety culture both in the workplace and at home.

Check out our training calendar for the next scheduled session.

Web-Based Delivery of Supervisor Safety Awareness Course (WSCC-Certified)

Image converted using ifftoany

Join us on September 19 & 20 for our web-based delivery of the Supervisor Safety Awareness training.  

We are so excited to offer this training to individuals who would rather complete this mandatory training online in the comfort of their office or home.  Please note that participants must have access to the internet and have a webcam and microphone on their computer.

Click here to sign up now!

WHMIS Training

Momentum is proud to add Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training to our safety course calendar to continue to provide accessible and relevant safety training in the North by Northerners.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you become WHMIS certified.