Public Speaking Workshop, “Skills to Engage Your Audience”

  • Ever wonder how your career or life might be different if you were a confident and comfortable public speaker?  
  • Have you ever watched a truly engaging speaker and said to yourself, “I wish I could do that”?  
  • Have you dismissed the possibility because you’ve believed that speaking well is a talent and not a skill?

The essence of effective and engaging public speaking lies within a few key, learnable skills. Whatever your ability, you will learn the specific presentation skills necessary to drive your message home and make your next presentation a memorable experience for all.  

This 2-day course will help you to:

  • Create a great first impression
  • Use physical skills to reduce nervousness
  • Use specific skills to take command of your audience
  • Use eyes, gestures, & voice to become more powerful
  • Avoid critical mistakes that trap most public speakers
  • Recognize why presenters feel nervous and use that information to your advantage
  • Regularly and instantly assess the effectiveness of your presentation