Public Speaking

In a week from today, I will be facilitating a two-day workshop on public speaking, hosted by Aurora College at the Yellowknife campus.

We will be covering a lot of ground together and peeling away the layers of what makes a speaker captivating and engaging. 

I encourage you to think back to a speaking engagement you have attended that really grabbed you and pulled you into the message.  What was it about that speaker?  Was it their eye contact?  Was it the subject matter?  Was it the tone and cadence of their voice?  Most likely, it was their passion and enthusiasm that hooked you – and all the other skills are the gravy on top.  Passion, enthusiasm and authenticity are the foundational cornerstones to any good presentation.  The challenge is then to consider how to infuse those qualities into your presentation, which we will be building on together in next week’s course.

I look forward to working with next week’s participants and will post a follow up on what key learnings were surfaced from our time together.